Comparing and contrasting energy codes

One of my biggest projects in 2021 was an incredibly detailed comparison of various energy codes. That included ASHRAE 90.1, IECC and California Title 24. Was that slightly mind-numbing? Yes. Was it important? Yes. Did I develop what I think was a great way to compare and contrast different codes and different iterations of each code over 2-3 cycles? Yes. Would I want to do this again? Maybe in 3 years! LOL.

One of my biggest takeaways from that mind-numbing work is that energy codes are trying to drive people toward using LLLC systems. This can be seen in the tremendous decrease in zone sizes for things like “automatic shutoff” in open office spaces. And yet, “zoning” is a subject that is rarely discussed when people talk or teach about lighting control systems.

There seems to be lots of lingering hesitation about the financial viability of LLLC systems. However, from a code viewpoint, using an LLLC system means that you are automatically code-compliant. That’s why various utilities and organizations have started to embrace the use of LLLC systems.

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