Some of the work I’ve done over the past 15 years has been in the form of “consulting”.  In some cases, that has included elements of architectural lighting design.  For others, I’ve provided different types of services, as you’ll see in the following examples:


  • Facebook  Site visit of Menlo Park campus to review overall plans for interior lighting.


  • Bank retrofits  Independent review and verification of a vendor proposal for lighting retrofits for a northern California bank with 100 branches.


  • University of California/Santa Cruz – Work on multiple interior and exterior projects.  This included specification, selection, procurement assistance, installation and commissioning of Networked Lighting Control systems and more for lab buildings, dormitories and parking lots.


  • City of Santa Cruz – Work on interior and exterior projects.  This included independent analysis of exterior bike path lighting to ensure that it was “dark-sky friendly”.  It also included assistance with procurement, installation and commissioning of Networked Lighting Control systems for interior projects.


  • Maui street lighting  Independent review of proposed new street lighting to ensure compliance with “dark-sky” ordinances.


  • “Living Lab”  This was a 5-year long research project run by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.  I served as a consultant and provided technical expertise to the project team.  Four different Networked Lighting Control systems were installed on one floor of a financial services company’s NYC headquarters building in 2015.  I was on-site to observe the installation process to see how easily electrical contractors could install these systems on a retrofit basis.  See the Living Lab page for more details.