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Lighting Design as Science and Art

Since The Beginning Of Time...

...light has played a crucial role in the history of the universe and of mankind. Light is often thought of as inexplicable, with mystical qualities that amaze and often bewilder.

Introducing … into the light, a creation of Steven Mesh, IESNA, specializing in educating architects, interior designers, engineers, lighting designers and others in associated fields. Our goal is to shed light on the scientific and aesthetic aspects of illumination and related subjects. Monthly workshops give you the opportunity to learn about diverse topics that affect the architectural spaces you design.

Many of these workshops will focus on the “scientific” (or “technical”) aspects of lighting. But remember, as Albert Einstein once said, “not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”. So in addition to learning how to “quantify” lamps, fixtures, illumination levels and lighting design schemes – you may also attend workshops designed to teach you how to “qualify” every aspect of your lighting scheme.

At … into the light, our belief is that learning is most effective when it is genuinely interactive. Every workshop involves true audience participation. You will not only hear and see the information presented, YOU will be directly involved in discovering the information for yourself, first-hand. With vast national and international experience teaching lighting to professionals, Steven Mesh, IES, IALD, will serve as your “tour guide” through the fascinating world of architectural lighting! Welcome aboard!

Workshops vary in length (depending on the workshop). Architects receive AIA Health/Safety/Welfare Learning Units. Professionals in related fields may be able to qualify for credit as well. Click to learn more about the workshops.

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