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Steve Mesh Bio

Steven Mesh, IESNA Has Been In The Lighting Field For 25 Years.

He started as an independent lighting designer and also worked for manufacturers such as Edison Price Lighting and Lightolier. He currently operates … into the light, a firm specializing in providing lighting education to architects, designers, engineers, and others in related fields.

He is a member of two professional lighting organizations, and has won national awards for his lighting designs. He is active in committees that set lighting level as well as power density guidelines for the country. He has written about lighting design extensively over the course of the past 25 years.

He has also taught extensively for the past 21 years and specializes in teaching lighting to non-lighting designers. Most recently, he spoke at Lux Pacifica in New Delhi and throughout India where he addressed India’s emerging need for lighting design professionals throughout the sub-continent.

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